Saturday, January 8, 2011


Happy Saturday all! so i was on one of my many nostalgic movie drives and watched The Lost Boys on Netflix instant several times this week; (im watching it now as i write this). there are so many movies that bring so many memories and that are part of my growing up, that i don't tire watching and this is one of them. i remember getting the soundtrack to it via now the non- existent tape and had endless nights of conversation about it with one of my childhood best friends Isis. all we spoke about was how good the music was, how cute Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland and Billy Wirth were. and how much i wanted to recreate Jami Gertz Gypsy look, down to the bustier, long maxi skirt, lots & lots of jewelry and her beautiful big curly hair. i wanted it all!

The costume design in this film was great. even at a young age i was attracted to the scruffy bad boy look and the wardrobe on the vampire gang i also admired. my favorites were the 1 earring look, motorcycle jackets, long trench coats and the recently trendy, band jackets which the mini vampire wore.

The costume designer of The Lost BoysSusan Becker also gave the character Alabama Whiteman and Clarence Worley of the movie True Romance, really cool looks. also another cult favorite.

If i did not want to do my own designs so badly i think i would of been a costume designer. i admire how they manage to get the look SO right for several characters in a movie. i especially love when they have to recreate historical costumes and they get it right; like in the movie Gladiator.

Just another fun and hard working job in the fashion industry.

Oh and side note..this was another one of me and Zoe's movie nights. Zo Zo did not enjoy the film to much. but that's all right, she won't like them all!

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  1. Great stuff! I grew up watching that film on repeat, and the imagery and style was SUCH an important component. I had no idea Susan Becker was responsible, and to go from this to True Romance shows a brilliant contrast. Gypsy Punk from the 80's. Who knew. Haha...Great find.


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