Sunday, June 14, 2009


it's been quite a week for me. my best friend came into town from Miami and i got to have the pleasure of her company for ten days. it was hard parting, it's been a whole year since i saw her last and her beautiful daughter whom i consider to be my niece. along with them went my daughter to spend summer in Miami with her father, freinds and family. so today was my first day alone in a very quiet home. the silence saddens me because i miss them already dearly.

i also got sick this last Wednesday so i've been battling this cold all along trying to push myself to show her California as much as possible. we had such a good time!

goin to Au Revoir Simone concert

we look so angry........

i spent today sleeping in my full eight hours, but staying in bed resting my bones watching lots of felt good being lazy! i watched my favorite Audrey Hepburn film with the great Peter O'toole in How To Steal A Million. her outfits are AMAZING all courtesy of Givenchy and Cartier.

the Mod pieces are my favorite. the hats, glasses and clean lines on the classic outfits SO great. and the cars that both she and O'toole drive, i want them both! to bad classic cars need so much care or i would own a lot full. "pout"


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


round 1 sneak peak on what's to come in the shop...we've had a few gliches and with the addition of no internet...i was hoping to launch the shop today June 1st but it's looking more like this weekend.

there is lots more to come, i have an array of vintage and i can't wait to get it out there...will be working hard on doing so the next few weeks.

i will also be doing a little intro on myself soon, so you can come to know us as a great vintage shop that strifes in customer satisfaction!


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