Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yay I love Saturdays..although I still have to work, but the work I do is for my store and I get a break from the hectic 9 to 5 at work..when it comes to the fashion industry deadlines are always the next day..and this week was no exception.

I finally will be updating the shop this week coming..the last few weekends my models have been pretty busy themselves so I have not been able to do a photo-shoot, but finally my two lovely models Stephanie 2 and Sara are doing shoots with me...i anxiously will be adding more items to our Etsy Shop; and this round is full 0f 90's grungy dress's, floral blazers and leather mini's for fall..i can't wait to post!

one of my favorite hobbies is photography, although an amateur i non the less love to photograph anything that catch's my eye. so i will be posting my own photo inspirations, loves and quirky things that i find trough out my week. on a side note i have been reading about many blogger's being plagiarized or materials have been used without credit, so with that said i ask that you please do not steal and give credit where credit is due. thanks!

these pictures are from my recent drive to the California desert on a drive to pick up my daughter from grandma's..we ate at this authentic 50's diner called Peggy Sue's which had a quirky little dinosaur park:

the sky was a beautiful blue that day, it looked so clear:
Dinousaur Park
King Kong:

we called this duck Mohawk Duck, it was pretty funny he looked like he had a wig on:
Mohawk Duck

turtles are so interesting looking close up, they have so many details and color on there skin and shell...beautiful:
Turtle Lines

and lastly my gorgeous daughter contemplating..i love this picture of her..i wonder what she was thinking of:

i'm off to prepare for a photo shoot have a wonderful Saturday!


Sunday, August 23, 2009


So now the movie Alice in Wonderland will be coming out next year, I'm sure many inspired fashions will follow..I've always loved Alice in Wonderland since I was a kid, but at the same time I was freaked out by it...the Caterpillar, Queen, Cheshire Cat..all freaky to me .... I never read the book before I watched the Disney version; but now I am teaching my own daughter to always read books before she watch's a belief is it can either ruin the book for you by not letting your imagination to flourish or you get excited that the movie was very much to the book.

We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory years before Tim Burton's version came out, and he did a great job sticking to the book; so being that he's filming Author Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland I think he'll do the same. We are in the process of reading the book and I have to say the illustrations are great!


and i love these paintings i found from my fellow Etsy community:

this one by


this one by, love those eyes and shadows:

and inspired jewelry:

the rabbit pendant by

the potion pendant

this Victorian looking pendant

love this cup and saucer necklace

and finally of course Annie Leibovitz version of Alice in Wonderland is brilliant..these are my favorite pictures from the Vogue Editorial back in already 6 years ago!
love this dress

I like how she incorporated The Designers and there creations, so great..she is such a creative visionary photographer.

I'm off to cut and sew some dress's now, Happy Sunday!


source: alice in wonderland,, etsy

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


small post on recent pictures i took which i love! photography is definitely one hobby that i want to grow my strength in. i love color and photograph anything that catch's my eye. not only does it capture moments but they can be artful and very inspirational; pictures talk to you.

one of my favorite things to do on the weekends and what makes me fall in love with California is it's nature and mountains...the hiking here it awesome because in every mountain trail there is always something different to see and it is such a great and fun work out!

this picture is a trail in the mountains up the street from me; Mt Wilson..the picture is of my neighborhood way up high!


this looks like a hand to me and the sky is such a beautiful bright blue background..i love bald trees, you see so much detail

Blue Tree

these lily ponds are at the amazing Huntington Library and gardens..they have just breathtaking gardens and this is one of my favorite pics..highly recommended if you live in L.A. or are visiting, they have all types of gardens rose, desert, Japanese many more.

this inspires me to make a lovely very soft and flowey dress

and this last picture is of me, just love the dress, the flowers and how the colors pop...this dress will be up in the shop soon for sale.again the rose print and colors are great!
Flower Dress

i will be photo shooting this week with our new model Stephanie...THANKS STEPH!!, I did not have the chance to last week so new things will be up in the Etsy shop by this weekend..our eBay store will be up and running again very reluctantly soon(the fee's are crazy especially now with the pay pal fee hike)..but i know bidding is fun and you can get great deals..

but i would love to hear from you on your likes and dislikes of eBay...just again reluctant on relaunching there again...i'm open to opinions though

good night ~ Bella

Sunday, August 16, 2009


this Sunday has been a very relaxing one..spent the whole weekend doting on my daughter..we had movie night watched Titanic (girly flick!)ate popcorn, drank hot chocolate and laughed and cried (i actually was doing all the crying)..we took time to sketch together she is quite the artist while we listened to some Bowie, Dylan and Lou Reed..i really enjoy these times together..i cherish them!

while sketching i remembered how much i love Japanese animation..i remembered of one I watched as a teenager..she had a great little retro outfit...all the girls did..sailor moon:
sailor moon

i have been slowly collecting retro furniture for my far a have many knick knacks, lamps, dresser and process is slower then i would want it to be but i look for deals..i mean good ones, most of the vintage furniture around can be very pricey especially in L.A. and the pricey does not fit my i love deals it can be date i have not bought anything over $50.

the following are a few pieces i am on the hunt for and and is my focus on next pieces to get:

living room storage piece:

could of kicked myself because i want one of these 1950's stereo / record player consoles badly, and i found one in a thrift store in the desert of California for $100!...i just had no way to get it to my place in L.A.:
retro stereo

this one would be cool to find:
radio 2

i would love to have this as my work station:
vintage desk

i just love retro phones, they have so much character and add a punch of color in a room..i want a couple a phones, one for the room the other for the living room & kitchen:
retro phone

1970's orange-vintage-phone

for the room:
vintage doughnut phone

for the kitchen:
vintage wall phone

these ericofon's are amazing, they are hot for would go great in the living room:

this add is great:

now lastly i have never been able to bring myself to buy a vintage gross's me out a bit on the things that may be lying underneath the fabric like excrement's like blood, saliva you know what i mean..but when i go shopping for new ones i don't like any of them they are so plain... i love the retro ones they are full of color and great design they are one of a kind looking..does anyone have the same problem?!..i let go of a cool one in a thrift store, 1970's brown and orange design for $50 ..chucks..if i can bring myself to buy one it would be either of these:

vintage green sofa

vintage orange sofa

vintage yellow couch

i love how this one flows in the room @ apartment therapy:
retro sofa

happy Sunday ready for bed and for the week..



Friday, August 7, 2009



yesterday we got the sad news of John Hughes passing. my thoughts and prayers goes to his family.

my mini tribute to him is about the many movies he made which i love and own..they were very influential in my life growing up..he really new how to capture the teenage angst..

what i loved most about his films, was how he brought comedy into it without losing the humanity in his characters. you identified with someone in his movie, whether it be the awkward teenage girl with a crush on the popular guy in 16 Candles..or be the guys considered nerds making a perfect girl in Weird Science..or the stay at home dad taking care of his family against culture's ideal in Mr. Mom...he just brought a sense of realness in all his movies...

of course from his most popular pop cultural ones he best known for now...Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink & Home's generation love these films although there over 20 years old..they still speak to never get tired of watching any of his films..

fashions were made Andy in "Pretty in Pink", so called nerds were loved Brian "Breakfast Club"..a little doe eyed kid screamed "Home Alone"...wanting to be the day in a life of the teenage kid who skips school "Ferris Bueller" he really stood out in the crowd of Best Teen's teen movies suck (lack for a better word)compared to his..

Breakfast Club

Mr. Mom


National Lampoon's Vacation

Pretty in Pink

Some Kind of Wonderful


Weird Science


Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Home Alone


many more to his roster, appreciative of a great film maker and saddened of the loss..his films will live on..



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