Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi guys! hope your all good! this past Saturday Zoe, Cody, and I had a full family day, which we badly needed to take a whole day just to have fun! we decided on a family hike starting with going to eat Cuban pastries for breakfast, in the cutest town of Monrovia.

Zoe's dad side of the family is Cuban, and boy does she love her Cuban food. what she's devouring is a ham croquette while Cody watches hoping crumbs some fall out of her hand.

We went hiking in Eaton Canyon literally 5 minutes down the street of where we live. it's amazing having such beauty right behind your back yard to explore! 

I am in love with nature, it's like a real life art canvas full of beautiful colors, lines, intricacy's and delicious smells. first spotted the wild daises.

I spotted this male deer way far on the other side of the mountain. we could not see his details but my trusty camera was able to zoom in and capture him. we later saw that he had antlers and saw that he was indeed a male deer. so beautiful!

Their are warning signs of poison oak and rattle snakes. we thought this might have been the oak, not sure if it was. do any of you know if it is? 

How beautiful is this tree trunk?!

The snow was melting and the stream has started for the summer.

Zoe trying to cross over with Cody. poor Cody fell in, brrr the water is freezing!

How amazing is this path way? excuse my ooh's and ahh's but i am so blown away by all this natural beauty. this place would be perfect for an editorial photo-shoot. 

Their are several water falls in the area! again amazing this is 5 minutes from the city!

This picture reminds me of a post card picture and a painting.

There are several fallen tree trunks every where. i told Zoe i was waiting for a hobbit or a fairy to pop out.

Getting deeper within the Canyon, going towards the waterfall.

You do not want to fall in here!

Cody was having so much fun!

I love my Zoe...

She wanted me to take a picture of her conquering the mountain. haha she's one silly girl.

Lots of wild cactus every where.

We did not end up going all the way to the waterfall because unfortunately  falling rock fell on a girl. she was up high where more experienced hikers should only be. so it was swamped with medical team and they had to air lift her out of the canyon. we did not want to take any risk so we turned back and called it a day.

We went to go get chocolate dipped soft serve afterwards. i look like a crazy woman eating mine!

We got home and i made home made garlic buffalo wings and pizza from scratch...yummy! and watched Shutter Island all cozy on the couch. great way to finish the night.

Cody was pooped as well! 


  1. This day just looks fabulous! And that ice cream and pizza! Yum!!!


  2. Wish i could of been there :(

  3. makes me want to go on a hike and eat a big chocolate dipped cone! lovely day! lovely blog!


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