Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello Monday! i struggled today to get out of bed, despite that i was looking forward to the morning. i was just meditating on how amazing God is and am so thankful for all the blessings i have big and small. i can easily be feeling overwhelmed just thinking on the amount of things that i need to get done this week, but i chose to focus on how i will work hard to get all done and what a blessing to have all the work i have.

I had been itching to wear this dress which i actually acquired for the store. but i loved it so and just wanted to wear it once to enjoy it before it heads out to a new home. it is still chilly here in Southern California so i paired it with my new favorite knubby sweater cardigan. the only reason the dress is going back into the store is that although i adore it, it just fits a little too snug. maybe one of you lovely readers love it! it will be there soon..

I also felt a bit of a school girl with the dress. i love the plaid which looks to be dyed in the fabric and the silhouette of the dress really fits any figure nicely. button up dresses are so comfortable and so chic at the same time. i wore my cow girl boots with le dress; can't get enough of boots and a dress. i could live in them!

I also like all the little details on the dress. the navy contrast stitching on the collar, the ruffled yoke detail in the front, and the slight puff on the sleeve. the details is what i tend to enjoy most in clothes, especially vintage. 

dress: is a plaid vintage 1970's. (soon to be in shop)
boots: are vintage 1970's cow girl boots with cute stitching detail.
tights: fire red Target
cardigan: vintage 1980's knubby oh so soft cardigan


  1. Rox and Steph miss you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!! xoxo


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