Sunday, February 27, 2011


A favorite since i saw those adorable ankle socks in the beginning screen shots in Pretty In Pink. i could wear them every season. and even better it goes beyond clothing! i love it on curtains, wall paper, kitchen-ware the list goes on and on. my bed sheets are floral. i love these florals too!

If only i could paint my nails like so..

I LOVE the decor in this living room!

gathering spriggs flicker stream

lovely 1950's vintage dish ware on etsy. vintage kitchen job.

wishing you a lovely sunday. gisela.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


But still want a few! this Manoush sweater is so pretty! 

Currently working on my shop update! lots of cute spring dresses will be posted along with winter wear! it's still pretty darn cold out there!


Friday, February 25, 2011


The weeks literally have been flying by. when your so busy it feels as if your the one trying to keep up with the time. some days i don't even know what date it is. good or bad it always reminds me to appreciate life.

If you've been following my blog for a while then know i barely like wearing makeup. it's more because i'm lazy about putting it on then not liking how it makes me look. but there are the days i just want to whip out some color, and on those days it is either a bold lip color or a dash of bright color on the eye lids. i've had my Mac matte red lipstick for over 10 years. yeah, a little gross but i barely use it and it feels like a darn shame tossing it in the garbage even though many experts would say to do so. after all i dished out $16 bucks for it. but that's what i get for getting it and knowing i don't much like wearing lipstick.

These navy vintage 1970's Levi slacks have been part of my closet since i was 16. i love them so and most especially like that they are high waisted. for a few years now, you barely did see the shape of hips among a sea of under wear peek-a-boos when the waist line went way south.

At times i have been a bit self conscious since my hip line has grown but i feel that high waisted pants can be much more flattering for figures like mine.

TOP. Marc Jacobs
SLACKS. thrifted 1970's vintage Levis 
SHOES. Mia clogs
BELT. thrifted 1980's vintage 

I have a jammed pack weekend trying to focus on updating my poor shop. wishing you all a lovely one. 


p.s. i look so mad in the first picture. i wasn't ;)

Friday, February 18, 2011


Etsy just keeps getting better and better for me. i just keep finding the coolest shops of independent entrepreneurs. it excites me how Etsy has been such a great platform to launch a small independent companies. it's just great!

One such company just made it to my favorites folder when i saw their cute and affordable shoes on the Etsy front page. they are called Golden Ponies out of Guadalajara Mexico. I'm so glad i came across them because i've been wanting flats SO bad and have had such a hard time finding good leather ones in stores at a decent price.  

These shoes are now on my radar and they are in all the perfect shades and fabrication i've been wanting!

I also love how you can pick out custom colors and fabrications:

And their satchel bags are just as cute; perfect for work!

Their shoes are all under $50 and their bags under $100. You can't beat buying from an independent company with real leather products at such great prices!

Check out their shop on Etsy at Golden Ponies.

source: all images from golden ponies store on

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm SO in love with Givenchy's swan dress from their spring 11 collection. i know it's all over the internet after Florence Welch wore it at the Grammy's. but i am truly in love with everything about it. the colors, the details, the workman ship! just gorgeous.

It reminded me like many others of Bjork's swan dress. the caparisons have been made. i like both but this one is dreamy....sigh*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy Valentines day! just when i thought the weather was turning for the best here in Los Angeles, it once again fooled us and brought in a cold front. i miss my sweaty hot days. i am saying this now that i'm cold but once the sweats come in i'm complaining it's to darn hot. or like Zoe would say "i'm blazin hot"!

I did a double whammy today. i wore this dress yesterday (pictured here), but oh so comfortable to wear today to work. i do that allot i'll wear the same outfit 2 maybe even 3 days in a row! do a any of you do that? it's like the new favorite song you have to hear 100 times in a day. 

I found this cute 1960's yellow beauty in a vintage store trunk outside of a store with a big old $1 sign on it. i love rummaging through boxes or trunks  with signs like those. you never know what deals you may find.

My favorite things about this dress besides the peter pan collar is that it is made out of silk. also love the vibrant colors. i've said it once and i'll say it again, i LOVE color. not all colors suit me, but yellow is a color which catches my eye and i don't see enough of; at least in a well made way. 

I also almost cut it to give it a better length. but i opted not to because i did not want to mess with it being silk. either way tea length skirts and dresses are every where right now. and it's to delicate an old to start cutting it up. 

I also finally got the clogs i've had my eye on for a while. i just was waiting for them to go down way on price. i can't dish $100 dollars for shoes right now. i'm happy to have bought them for $40! they are the original MIA's made in  Sweden. Karen's been wearing her's in the cutest combinations. she's inspired me to want to wear mine all the time! they are so comfortable and so easy to throw on when you are walking out the door!

dress is an vintage 1960's peter pan collar tent dress bought for $1. 
clogs are Mia's purchased for $40 on
ring antique from friend.
bracelet is a F21 cuff.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Happy, happy friday all! i'm hoping you all are enjoying your weekend! i compiled a music playlist full of songs i heavily listened to in the early 90's. some of the songs on the list came out before the 90's but i wanted to include them since it was part of my teenage experience. 

When i was putting it together soo many memories flooded my head and i can still recall where i was when i was listening to certain songs. Janes Addiction and the Beastie Boys were constantly jamming in a car full of my very close girlfriends; as we went off into the Miami night.

Pearl Jam, Radio Head, Hole and MANY more artist were red hot on the music scene at the time in high-school; between the years of 91 through 94. Peter Murphy, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, The Cure and Violent Femmes were some of the artist we were dancing to when we went to the now long gone South Beach alternative clubs (when they were good), in my opinion. it was all about the dancing, i liked that part, don't miss the rest.

And of course i had to throw in some Punk. Fugazi was my absolute favorite punk band at that time. and hole in the wall venues were our favorite spots to check out really great local bands in Miami. the best years for that were the 80's early 90's. i was only able to catch but a glimpse of it since by then i was a teen and most of all the cool local bands had broken up. 

But enough on my reminiscing, i can get lost in it for hours....

Maybe this refreshes some of your memories and for those of you who were younger in the 90's this was what we grew up with if you were not into pop music back then. i do love my pop music now..

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Friday, February 11, 2011


Happy Friday! today is Bieber fever here in my home..oh yeah i said it Bieber fever, it's the life of having a full fledge teenager at home who's goo-goo ga-ga over this boy! she already has her tickets ready for tonights film on him!

So with that segway i continue my 90's week with ladies that i loved both style wise and musically. as a teenager in the early 90's i was really into punk and rock music and totally loved seeing women in rock/punk bands and doing indie music! all of these ladies with the exception of a few i still love to listen too. and although i was already into fashion magazines, my style inspiration came more from them then they did from Vogue or Seventeen magazines. especially because some wore vintage and by that time i had discovered my love for it. oh how i miss those Sassy Magazine days where most of them appeared on their pages. Sassy was definitely the "punk" fashion magazine amongst the others!

Courtney Love. i just loved her vintage baby doll dresses worn with mary janes. she always had the coolest ones and i searched EVERY Miami, Florida thrift stores snapping up all in sight. i built quite the collection of them and SO regret giving most away! if only i new then i would be one day selling vintage!

Shirley Manson of Garbage. when their first album came out i worked at a music store which would play it over and over again, and i did not like them, not sure why. but they grew on me and i could not stop playing their album day and night. love her red hair, make up and rock style. she's so cute.

Bjork. i loved her in the The Sugarcubes, mostly obsessed over 1 song. then her first solo album came out in 93'' when i was in high school and i was immediately hooked. she had a very quirky style when she was in the The Sugarcubes which i appreciated; but in the 90's i was smitten with ALL she wore. i could never do the hair twist like in the picture below and always wanted to. my hair is way too thick! but i later was able to do it on Zoe, and i mostly styled her hair like that when she was a toddler instead of pony tails!

PJ Harvey. boy was she huge in the 90's. her songs were on rotation in my tape player. her voice so cool and her style very much her own. love her eye brows, makes me wish i never touched mine! she just looked like one tough chic!

Kim Gordon. talk about tough chic, she's definitely one. she at one time had her own clothing line and store called x-girl. i wanted a t-shirt but could not get my hands on one in Miami. Sonic Youth sounds like no other band out there, especially with Kim's melodic deep vocals.

Tori Amos. what beautiful music she makes with her pretty soft vocals and piano. i don't listen to her any more, but i was so enchanted then with her music. her style so simple and effortless, with the prettiest curly red hair, lips and porcelain skin.

Hope Sandoval. love, love, love Mazzy Star. and back in the early 90's Sandoval's natural beauty mixed with a vintage / bohemian style was ahead of her time. look at the times now, it's pretty much what you see left and right here in Los Angeles and everywhere. 

source: all pictures taken from several google images and


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