Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My beautiful daughter agreed to model for me some vintage items that will soon hit le shop this week. i have been hesitate to use her because she's still young and was not sure how the clothes would translate on her. but i figured i could test out some items that would be more geared towards teens thru the early 20's, may even late 20's. 

With my very busy week it's been hard to have the time to do any modeled photo-shoots; and i've been itching to photo on a live model and not only on the form. so my Zoe was more then happy to do it and is soo convenient for me. she also has been getting more into fashion lately!

She is 13 and at the moment is 5"5. she has been asking me now for a few years on doing some modeling for fun, not as a career. and now that she is officially a teenager she wants to do it even more then before. i have had the breaks on this for many years because that world is more then fun it's work and it can take it's toll on a child. so much to pray and think about. she also loves acting and wants to study it more and pursue it as a career. and as i mentioned at the moment i'm just praying about it all and truly want to know how the business works. i'm thankful i have some friends who are in the industry and have given me some good pointers. i feel waiting until your older is better, we'll see...

We had fun doing the photos. she looked so cute in everything. Zoe is notorious for making faces, these are the out-takes.

No one better to practice modeling with then with her mama!



  1. oh my goodness, she is so stinking adorable!!!!
    i love how sure she already is of her self. (that speaks of good mommy-ing!)



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