Wednesday, March 24, 2010


happy mid week guys! i am way behind on my blog post but i have a ton of material i am working on and the posts will be trickling in later this weekend..

i have been SUPER stressed out these weeks trying to be super-women and do it all, trying to juggle many things at the same time and get projects off the ground..i am trying to build my small business while i work full time in the morning as a designer in the junior apparel mass market..and also be a mom to my precious 12 year old kiddo Zoe..

my church had the best sermon on Sunday it was perfect timing and directly spoke to what i'm going through right now..for all those who might be struggling with this too here's the link if you like a listen: Reality L.A. (starve your worries) it made my heart take rest...

so i'm doing a little restructuring to better handle my night and weekend Friday's is "chick night" and are totally of limits..this is the day i take rest with my Zoe and just have fun with no outside world i'm one day less and have come to the conclusion that i will be putting the eBay auctions on hold for now, meanwhile i will concentrate on getting the Etsy store jammed pack with new items and full of great choices for you, just in time for spring and summer..

i had the best meeting this past weekend for a side project i'm involved in and i feel so privileged to work with some great women..i am excited for all the things that are in the works and i can't wait to share it with you as they evolve..

so with that said i'll share this cute picture of Zoe in the best vintage 70's shades and spring is here with cherry blossoms popping up every where..yayyyy


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