Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy Valentines day! just when i thought the weather was turning for the best here in Los Angeles, it once again fooled us and brought in a cold front. i miss my sweaty hot days. i am saying this now that i'm cold but once the sweats come in i'm complaining it's to darn hot. or like Zoe would say "i'm blazin hot"!

I did a double whammy today. i wore this dress yesterday (pictured here), but oh so comfortable to wear today to work. i do that allot i'll wear the same outfit 2 maybe even 3 days in a row! do a any of you do that? it's like the new favorite song you have to hear 100 times in a day. 

I found this cute 1960's yellow beauty in a vintage store trunk outside of a store with a big old $1 sign on it. i love rummaging through boxes or trunks  with signs like those. you never know what deals you may find.

My favorite things about this dress besides the peter pan collar is that it is made out of silk. also love the vibrant colors. i've said it once and i'll say it again, i LOVE color. not all colors suit me, but yellow is a color which catches my eye and i don't see enough of; at least in a well made way. 

I also almost cut it to give it a better length. but i opted not to because i did not want to mess with it being silk. either way tea length skirts and dresses are every where right now. and it's to delicate an old to start cutting it up. 

I also finally got the clogs i've had my eye on for a while. i just was waiting for them to go down way on price. i can't dish $100 dollars for shoes right now. i'm happy to have bought them for $40! they are the original MIA's made in  Sweden. Karen's been wearing her's in the cutest combinations. she's inspired me to want to wear mine all the time! they are so comfortable and so easy to throw on when you are walking out the door!

dress is an vintage 1960's peter pan collar tent dress bought for $1. 
clogs are Mia's purchased for $40 on endless.com.
ring antique from friend.
bracelet is a F21 cuff.


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