Friday, February 25, 2011


The weeks literally have been flying by. when your so busy it feels as if your the one trying to keep up with the time. some days i don't even know what date it is. good or bad it always reminds me to appreciate life.

If you've been following my blog for a while then know i barely like wearing makeup. it's more because i'm lazy about putting it on then not liking how it makes me look. but there are the days i just want to whip out some color, and on those days it is either a bold lip color or a dash of bright color on the eye lids. i've had my Mac matte red lipstick for over 10 years. yeah, a little gross but i barely use it and it feels like a darn shame tossing it in the garbage even though many experts would say to do so. after all i dished out $16 bucks for it. but that's what i get for getting it and knowing i don't much like wearing lipstick.

These navy vintage 1970's Levi slacks have been part of my closet since i was 16. i love them so and most especially like that they are high waisted. for a few years now, you barely did see the shape of hips among a sea of under wear peek-a-boos when the waist line went way south.

At times i have been a bit self conscious since my hip line has grown but i feel that high waisted pants can be much more flattering for figures like mine.

TOP. Marc Jacobs
SLACKS. thrifted 1970's vintage Levis 
SHOES. Mia clogs
BELT. thrifted 1980's vintage 

I have a jammed pack weekend trying to focus on updating my poor shop. wishing you all a lovely one. 


p.s. i look so mad in the first picture. i wasn't ;)

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