Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello my lovely blog readers! i have been such a bad blogger these last few weeks..thanks for still being here and reading. this week promises to be a better blogging week! i'm working on it!

I am doing a 1990's week starting today, and ending it with a shop sale on Saturday! everything in the store that is from the 1990's will have a 25% off! i will also be adding new vintage 90's items through out the week!

So kicking it off is a "what i wore today" a 1990's black velvet dress..

This is a flash back for me of sorts. i mentioned before this is my teenage era, and i lived in baby doll dresses, maxi dresses, maxi skirts and combat boots. this dress is very similar to one i had back then and i still remember where i bought it; it was in Contempo Casuals. my favorite store besides the thrifts when i was a teen!

Here i've paired it with western clogs, which i love but my feet not too much. a good invention would be super high heels/clogs that never hurt! oh boy would those be a good seller!

It's funny that my era is now considered vintage. i now officially feel old, but not in spirit! everything really does come back in fashion, and i only thought this was true for the 70's and before but nope "hello 90's". i liked how i wore it then but i have to say that the way it's worn now i like it better! just like some items from the 80's.

dress is a velvet 1990's loose fitting empire waist maxi.
western blog vince camuto.
accessories 1 is a vintage pendant necklace with a G, found in a miami thrift and the other is a vintage skeleton key cascading necklace made by me. ring is F21.

What was your favorite 90's piece if any?

The 1990's week continues tomorrow with some editorials! 

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