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Happy Friday! today is Bieber fever here in my home..oh yeah i said it Bieber fever, it's the life of having a full fledge teenager at home who's goo-goo ga-ga over this boy! she already has her tickets ready for tonights film on him!

So with that segway i continue my 90's week with ladies that i loved both style wise and musically. as a teenager in the early 90's i was really into punk and rock music and totally loved seeing women in rock/punk bands and doing indie music! all of these ladies with the exception of a few i still love to listen too. and although i was already into fashion magazines, my style inspiration came more from them then they did from Vogue or Seventeen magazines. especially because some wore vintage and by that time i had discovered my love for it. oh how i miss those Sassy Magazine days where most of them appeared on their pages. Sassy was definitely the "punk" fashion magazine amongst the others!

Courtney Love. i just loved her vintage baby doll dresses worn with mary janes. she always had the coolest ones and i searched EVERY Miami, Florida thrift stores snapping up all in sight. i built quite the collection of them and SO regret giving most away! if only i new then i would be one day selling vintage!

Shirley Manson of Garbage. when their first album came out i worked at a music store which would play it over and over again, and i did not like them, not sure why. but they grew on me and i could not stop playing their album day and night. love her red hair, make up and rock style. she's so cute.

Bjork. i loved her in the The Sugarcubes, mostly obsessed over 1 song. then her first solo album came out in 93'' when i was in high school and i was immediately hooked. she had a very quirky style when she was in the The Sugarcubes which i appreciated; but in the 90's i was smitten with ALL she wore. i could never do the hair twist like in the picture below and always wanted to. my hair is way too thick! but i later was able to do it on Zoe, and i mostly styled her hair like that when she was a toddler instead of pony tails!

PJ Harvey. boy was she huge in the 90's. her songs were on rotation in my tape player. her voice so cool and her style very much her own. love her eye brows, makes me wish i never touched mine! she just looked like one tough chic!

Kim Gordon. talk about tough chic, she's definitely one. she at one time had her own clothing line and store called x-girl. i wanted a t-shirt but could not get my hands on one in Miami. Sonic Youth sounds like no other band out there, especially with Kim's melodic deep vocals.

Tori Amos. what beautiful music she makes with her pretty soft vocals and piano. i don't listen to her any more, but i was so enchanted then with her music. her style so simple and effortless, with the prettiest curly red hair, lips and porcelain skin.

Hope Sandoval. love, love, love Mazzy Star. and back in the early 90's Sandoval's natural beauty mixed with a vintage / bohemian style was ahead of her time. look at the times now, it's pretty much what you see left and right here in Los Angeles and everywhere. 

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  1. I was a teenager in the 90's so I was all into BSB and Christina..but I do remember these lovely ladies :D awesome post! Have fun at the movies :))

  2. Gosh, I love Kim Gordon & PJ Harvey so much--their music still moves me. Hole's Live Through This is an amazing piece of music


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