Saturday, July 17, 2010


Happy Saturday gals and gents! sorry for the long intermission between blogs. my internet service was down and i finally got it resolved Friday. it's been very challenging, when i call the internet company they come out and say all is fine when it isn't, so this creates allot of back and forth which gets annoying. especially when it interferes with work!

Today i had my first yard sale ever, i cleaned out my storage and house AND finally got rid of things i just never use. i had tons of Zoe's clothes and shoes...since ya know kids grow fast and it was nice making money on items in great condition that other wise would go to Goodwill and sell for allot more then what i charged. all together i made $130, which was exactly what i needed to buy a BBQ for our new home and room decor for Zo's new found bedroom. it was pretty awesome, especially meeting new neighbors and chit chatting with folks.


i will be picking up steam this week and le blog will be in full post mode. i took time to write down many ideas in my internet-less week along with lots of brainstorming on what direction i would like to take the blog. i have been thinking allot about this subject lately because i really want to connect with my readers. thanks to all of you who follow me, i appreciate you all!

i'm off to an art show in Downtown L.A. with a good friend, wishing you all good one!



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