Monday, December 28, 2009


woah! it's been over a week since i blogged last..i am in my sunny hometown of miami so it's been a pretty hectic schedule with little time to do any blogging and vintage posting..i will be doing some blogging though while in's just a bit tough with a schedule full of visiting family, freinds, best freinds wedding, running around miami and vintage buying..but i did want to get in as much as i can while on vacation / more time dedicated to bella vintage since i am vacationing from my full time day job..

i'm currently sitting in a little cafe in beautiful Coral Gables drinking a cappuccino while catching up on my blog reading and bopping my head to some tunes..

i look so tired, i truly have no idea what day it is and my times are all off..i'm on L.A. time still..well off i go hope you all are having a good LAST week of the year..i hope to capture some good pics today around miami so i can blog tomorrow..

ta ta


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