Monday, December 14, 2009


this week i am skipping my usual week in pictures was a pretty hectic weekend and had no chance to take any pictures..i did enjoy this weekend although rainy..i spent most of my Saturday organizing and catching up on paper work..tying up all loose ends before i head out to my much anticipated trip to Miami next week..

i headed out to some shopping in the fashion district in downtown l.a on dirty and crazy as it is you have to appreciate all the things you can find their..pretty much any fabric, trim, supplies..everything..

i bought some jewelry supplies, chains, lobster claws was hard choosing they had all types of chains imaginable in all sizes and all colors..i will be making some jewelry to post on Etsy of vintage skeleton keys..i came across a bulk of old keys while on one of my many estate hunts..skeleton keys are fascinating to me..they are so many different designs with all types of details on them..and i always wonder which door the keys use to open and who owned them..they fascinate me in that way..

i can't wait to have them up in the store soon..i almost forgot how much i use to love making jewelry..i took two years of jewelry and metal smith was so much fun, i truly do love working with my hands..

okay now back to the wardrobe post..this week i am featuring my little shadow..although she is now taller then me..i am nodding my head in awe of how fast the years past..Zoe (my daughter) is in her pre-teens and is now taking interest in her thing i have to say that i love about her is that she is in no hurry to grow UP..she has truly enjoyed being a kid and is growing gracefully into her teens..

she prefers her jeans and tee's any day before skirts and dress's..she loves the comfort and the look..and i would have to say her eye is geared towards a eclectic mix of surf, skater and prep look..we'll have to see if she'll throw some vintage in there (i hope so) but i thought she looked quite cute this weekend in her own mix..
abbey dawn jeans, shirt & hoodie
nike's on the feet

Zoe took this shot of herself

have a good start of the week! i know i was dragging today...


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