Sunday, January 10, 2010


it's sooo nice to be home..i got in on Friday night after being on vacation for two weeks in was a fun time with freinds, family & running around all over South Florida..i did not get to do many of the things i had planned to do but i made the best of my time and well also relished in all the wedding preparation / celebration of my best friend Viv's wedding..

it feels so weird to be back, not having worked at all for these past two weeks and i am trying to coach myself on how to get back into the grind of things..i have a big to do list for this week catching up on bella vintage stuff and not to mention the project request, e-mails and samples i have waiting for me to catch up on at work!

i am excited for what is to come in 2010 though, all that i need to tackle and accomplish for bella vintage..this year i am pouring my commitment and endless sleepless nights to making bella vintage a top notch vintage clothing source on the web and am also looking forward to placing more of my time on the development of a very tiny clothing line just to get all my creative juices flowing..the last couple of months i have had dreams with some amazing pieces and have woken up giving thanks to God for these dreams..i have many ideas i want to translate onto paper, into my finger tips and out of my sewing room for procrastination..all very exciting

well i leave you with this beautiful picture i took on some rocks by an ocean shore in Coconut Grove Florida..the blogging i know has been very minimal..but now i'm back to my regular schedule!

this picture looks to me like a painting..the clouds, sky and building all nicely painted on the water

hoping you have a great start of the week..



  1. i love these photos! wow!!!!
    keep it up please!

  2. Miami? Color me jealous! I'm dying for some sunshine right now.

    I was off for about 2 weeks as well and it certainly is hard to get back into the swing of things. I wish I could get paid for being a leisuretime expert. It's s job I do so well! Ha!



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