Saturday, December 19, 2009


this weekend is going to be a day full of non stop things to weekend activities go a little something like this:

1. clean house
2. organize and pay bills for the two weeks out
3. pack a suit case for two
4. taking Zoe for her last minute Christmas shopping
5. trying to find a silver maid of honor dress
6. organize vintage clothes
7. laundry
8. upload vintage for Ebay launch for Christmas Eve
9. blog
10. make Christmas craft
11. finish necklaces and feather headbands for freinds & store
12. go to the library to check out Twilight (yeah we are hooked)

and i'm sure a million more tiny things to do before our two week trip to Miami..which we are leaving Christmas day..i hope it's a smooth process, a friend told me it's not too bad on Christmas day since most people leave on Christmas eve..lets see..

i will be doing my best to keep on blogging before i leave and will DEFINITELY be doing allot of blogging when i'm in Miami..i already have most of post set up for things like best thrift / vintage stores..Miami art deco and history, places to shop, eats & things to do, Cuban culture, art's district and so many other things to show...Miami is my home town and i am very fond of the things i tend not to have appreciated when i lived there..

i can't wait to show you what a great city it hearts already there...and of course the main reason for me being there is my best freinds wedding, it's a happy and sad occasion for me...happy that she has found her companion for life and sad because it seems like an end of an era of both of us single gals going thru life's ups and downs together..i guess it's the selfish part of me that does not want to share or let go...but nah i know that it's a coming of passage in her life...i love you Viv!

okay one of the several things i love about L.A. is it's melting pot of me and Zo decided we wanted to have ramen beef noodle soup in Arcadia (a mostly Asian city) we ran into these cute claw machine''s probably the first claw machine i would not mind losing a $1 in because of the cute Japanese cuties inside...


everything about them i love..the colors on the machine and how they blend together with what's so cute

now i'm off to the madness..


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