Wednesday, August 5, 2009


long time since my last post, really wanting to keep the consistency so i am trying to balance it all and see how it fits into my schedule or more like pinning down a schedule. for all you gals that work a full time job while working on your small business in between and raising a pre-teen child...i know you feel me..!

with that said i love what i do as a career and most of all i take pride in being a mom, so no complaints on trying to juggle it all!

well this weekend i went on my nostalgic trip back to the late 80's and early 90's, which meant my pre-teen / teen years. i started searching the web and You Tubing in memory of the music, movies, clothes and all around things i was into at that time.

here are a few things down my memory lane, not all of them i'm into now but they were a part of my growing up culture and it brought back many memories:

1. my 80's hair bands, loved loved loved Cinderella and i had the biggest crush on Brett Micheal's of Poison, I also attended many concerts, especially Poison three times with my Aunt taking us young kids...poor her:





cinderella 2

they actually wore some pretty great pieces...outfits i would wear now!

2. bought Some Kind of Wonderful to add to my 80's collection, Mary Stuart Masterson was so cute in this movie! love her gloves, ahh and those acid washed jeans:


3. also remembering the skater fashions of the day, Vision Street Wear, Body Glove, OP etc..bright neon colors and crazy graphics, some of my favorite outfits..also loved the hairstyles...these guys were it in the day:



4. loved D'arcy's from the original bassist of Smashing Pumpkin the early 90's, when i hit high school she influenced my style allot..especially the flowered dress's with boots and burgundy lipstick...i lived in that lipstick:



Smashing Pumpkins 2



5. found some of the 90's video's i would watch on MTV when they actually played video's..came across this one and it took me back to the the Kitchen Club in Miami which at the time was the best dance club playing Goth, Punk, Industrial and was the best time with my girlfriends:

can't wait for Saturday my beautiful daughter comes back from grandma's and she and i will be working on D.I.Y. projects and paintings together..she wants to take up painting her characters again...can't wait!


source: swindlemagazine, allstarpics, youtube

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