Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yay I love Saturdays..although I still have to work, but the work I do is for my store and I get a break from the hectic 9 to 5 at work..when it comes to the fashion industry deadlines are always the next day..and this week was no exception.

I finally will be updating the shop this week coming..the last few weekends my models have been pretty busy themselves so I have not been able to do a photo-shoot, but finally my two lovely models Stephanie 2 and Sara are doing shoots with me...i anxiously will be adding more items to our Etsy Shop; and this round is full 0f 90's grungy dress's, floral blazers and leather mini's for fall..i can't wait to post!

one of my favorite hobbies is photography, although an amateur i non the less love to photograph anything that catch's my eye. so i will be posting my own photo inspirations, loves and quirky things that i find trough out my week. on a side note i have been reading about many blogger's being plagiarized or materials have been used without credit, so with that said i ask that you please do not steal and give credit where credit is due. thanks!

these pictures are from my recent drive to the California desert on a drive to pick up my daughter from grandma's..we ate at this authentic 50's diner called Peggy Sue's which had a quirky little dinosaur park:

the sky was a beautiful blue that day, it looked so clear:
Dinousaur Park
King Kong:

we called this duck Mohawk Duck, it was pretty funny he looked like he had a wig on:
Mohawk Duck

turtles are so interesting looking close up, they have so many details and color on there skin and shell...beautiful:
Turtle Lines

and lastly my gorgeous daughter contemplating..i love this picture of her..i wonder what she was thinking of:

i'm off to prepare for a photo shoot have a wonderful Saturday!


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