Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Lita Front (1)

so i heard the Runaway's movie is coming out, interestingly enough with Dakota Fanning playing Cherie Currie and Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett..i did not recognize the other actress's playing the remaining Runaway's Dakota is a great actress so i'm excited to see how this movie will be portrayed..

i grew up listening to Joan Jett and adored the movie she did with Micheal J. Fox whom i at the time i had a major crush on..it was the movie Light of Day..i was 10 and what stood out to me the most was Joan's slouch, hair and how she looked playing the guitar..i also love her raspy voice..

then came my pre-teen years and Lita Ford was it! i could not get enough of kiss me deadly and her duet with Ozzy Osbourne close my eyes forever...just writing this takes me back to all those memories of singing in the mirror wanting Lita's big blond hair, ripped jeans, huge hoop earrings and studded jacket..i laugh because i was so young and that's the look i wanted..and again the guitar..i just thought it was so cool to see girls playing the electric guitar and playing it good..

then in my teen years when i got more into punk i heard the Runaways and was surprised to see it's where Joan and Lita both started..but as a girl i admired that they were a young all girl rock band, that had there own look, played all there instruments, wrote there songs all in the 1970's when it was a time where most rock bands were all male or had female lead singer...

sadly Sandy West past in '07 but the four remaining main Runaway's are still around, hope the movie tells there story well...they made many mistakes and had many hardships and obstacles but they did pave the way for many young girls to know they can rock on a guitar too!

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