Sunday, August 16, 2009


this Sunday has been a very relaxing one..spent the whole weekend doting on my daughter..we had movie night watched Titanic (girly flick!)ate popcorn, drank hot chocolate and laughed and cried (i actually was doing all the crying)..we took time to sketch together she is quite the artist while we listened to some Bowie, Dylan and Lou Reed..i really enjoy these times together..i cherish them!

while sketching i remembered how much i love Japanese animation..i remembered of one I watched as a teenager..she had a great little retro outfit...all the girls did..sailor moon:
sailor moon

i have been slowly collecting retro furniture for my far a have many knick knacks, lamps, dresser and process is slower then i would want it to be but i look for deals..i mean good ones, most of the vintage furniture around can be very pricey especially in L.A. and the pricey does not fit my i love deals it can be date i have not bought anything over $50.

the following are a few pieces i am on the hunt for and and is my focus on next pieces to get:

living room storage piece:

could of kicked myself because i want one of these 1950's stereo / record player consoles badly, and i found one in a thrift store in the desert of California for $100!...i just had no way to get it to my place in L.A.:
retro stereo

this one would be cool to find:
radio 2

i would love to have this as my work station:
vintage desk

i just love retro phones, they have so much character and add a punch of color in a room..i want a couple a phones, one for the room the other for the living room & kitchen:
retro phone

1970's orange-vintage-phone

for the room:
vintage doughnut phone

for the kitchen:
vintage wall phone

these ericofon's are amazing, they are hot for would go great in the living room:

this add is great:

now lastly i have never been able to bring myself to buy a vintage gross's me out a bit on the things that may be lying underneath the fabric like excrement's like blood, saliva you know what i mean..but when i go shopping for new ones i don't like any of them they are so plain... i love the retro ones they are full of color and great design they are one of a kind looking..does anyone have the same problem?!..i let go of a cool one in a thrift store, 1970's brown and orange design for $50 ..chucks..if i can bring myself to buy one it would be either of these:

vintage green sofa

vintage orange sofa

vintage yellow couch

i love how this one flows in the room @ apartment therapy:
retro sofa

happy Sunday ready for bed and for the week..




  1. I actually came across that has a huge variety of Retro Furniture with really good prices.

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