Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hi guys! i know it's been a while, i really hate when i neglect my blog but family and work are the higher priority BUT i love blogging and am strategizing how to balance it better. 

with that said i have been doing allot of on-line window shopping. i am truly enjoying some of the great on-line shops that have popped up and Pixie Market has become a favorite! right now more then ever they are carrying quite a few garments i want to get my hands on. unfortunately for me the budget is not there but i can always admire. 

the two reasons i have grown to become a fan is 

1. i love the mix of urban, clean, chic, modern and vintagy type of clothes they carry. 

2. they style it Oh So Cute!

these are a few favorites..

this maxi is so cute with it's short bell sleeve, v-neck cut and lace fabric! to bad it sold out but they might get more see HERE.

this black velvet burnout kaftan from American Gold has been on my radar for a while. Suzanne's line which keeps growing has also grown to bring very cute 70's inspired pieces that become keepers in your closet. she is also sweet as pie! love how they styled can get HERE and HERE.

this brown slouchy granny jacket paired with the bottom booties..perfect!

jacket HERE. booties HERE.

love this combination very clean and chic. the blouse HERE is Mink Pink another line that keeps getting better. 

loving the tassle booties HERE socks are cool too!

LOVE the concept of these pants HERE, but i don't think i can pull them off.  

i'm not big on leather pants HERE but these are divine and the color so sweet.

source: all pictures from Pixie Market.

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