Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hope your all having a nice weekend! i've been suffering with some insomnia for the last three days. so i've been finding myself hooked to Etsy discovering and falling in love with allot of vintage patterns and clothes. 

i now have added two stores to my favorite's list along with plenty of their vintage goods. just looking at all the images makes me fall in love with vintage on a daily basis all over again.

i am a HUGE fan of vintage patterns! i've done a few previous post on them. in my Betsey Johnson post i found vintage patterns of her's HERE. it's another one of my collections and i am planning on adding some of the following to the pile.

i draw allot of inspiration from them and just love the illustrations (an art in it's self) and the fabric print in which they display the clothes on.

the store is Opals Owl Vintage. she has a great array of different patterns. these are just some favorites; i have plenty more saved in my favorites folder.

i just love how old this pattern is, it's 73 years old!

the following are a few patterns from my birth year. by looking at all the pictures of my mom and I then, yeah this was what she was wearing! i loved her style.

i'm also in love with the illustrations in these. the technique is really cute. and the hair, plain awesome. Zoe think they are scary looking, i think they are just a little over tanned!

and this one is from my childhood, ha i remember wearing these. this ones from the Gap.

now the other shop i fell in love with is simplicity is bliss. such an amazing stock of beautiful dress's and coats. another which i've placed countless favorites in my Etsy folder. so many to choose from!  

vintage 1940 rose cotton dress already sold! i literally placed this in my favorites around 2 a.m last night, no surprise it was already scooped up. but i had to show it, the dress, it's details  and fabric print are so beautiful!

vintage 1950's sailor dress the picture speaks for it self!

vintage 1960's patchwork leather coat the colors on this coat are amazing!

vintage 1940's rayon floral dress i can see this guy perfectly paired with my clogs, although it's 40's it has a very bohemian feel.

vintage 1940's mink fur collar coat the color and buttons on this coat sold me.

so much to want to buy, and no spending money..*sigh*

check out both great Etsy shops at simplicity is bliss and Opals Owl Vintage.

source: all photos from the shops simplicity is bliss and Opals Owl Vintage.

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  1. love the rayon dress and green coat with mink trim, but I am also sadly suffering from the lack of funds double sigh*


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