Monday, August 23, 2010


Happy Monday! i am having a good one ever since Zoe got back from her summer vacation from Miami. i am so enjoying my time with her, but was feeling bummed to have to go to work today, i just wanted to keep spending time with her. stay at home mommies are very blessed to do so, that's my big goal to reach with much prayer one day.

As i went on a buying adventure this afternoon i ran across these bales full of clothes and was curious as to what they were going to do with it. i was really more concerned that they would be dumping the clothes or selling them off as rags.



So i asked about it and found out they were being shipped to another country. companies or non-profits buy them at about 0.05 cents an ounce she told me there were about 7,000 pounds in just those bales. the good news is that the purpose for the sale is to give clothes out to those who need it and i was relieved to find out none was going to waist.

The place I buy at is also is a non-profit and they serve the community by housing 28 families daily short term, just to get them off there feet and serve hot meals as well plus provide child care to make it easier to find work. the manager of the facility was kind enough to give me a tour and explain to me the process of what happens to the clothes once they are donated and how they get priced.

The clothes end up in those bales once they are marked down 50% and do not sell after a couple of months, and by the looks of it there is tons and tons of clothes that end up going over seas. it just brought to me the full circle of why i love being a vintage seller. 1st i love vintage clothes, it's construction prints and quality fabrics, 2nd most places i buy from are great organizations that help in the community, 3rd your not letting clothes go to waist because in most cases what they want to go over seas are jeans, work clothes and sturdy shoes; so it's nice to know that you give new life to other wise what might seem like a frumpy dress or a mumu with a wonderful print. i like the whole recycling concept although unconscious, it's just something i've been doing since i was 15.

Just a couple of reasons why buying vintage not only is fun, easy on the pocket and is one of a kind it also helps in many ways we didn't even know about.


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