Thursday, April 22, 2010


honestly i am not big on it's "so & so day", i really don't even know half of them..just the other week i found out it was bare foot day because my darling daughter let me i can't pretend that i observe any of them or that i share any big concern for today's celebration, but in my own day to day life i am conscious of the things i do..i do recycle (here in California you pay up the wa-hoo on plastic and glass tax) and i do not litter..i am the kind of gal that will run after that paper napkin that flies of an outside table while a car almost runs me over..i shop at farmers markets more for the fact that i like supporting local farmers and the fact that i don't want to eat hormone injected meat and eggs! whether that's saving the environment i'm not even thinking about that..

i do observe my surroundings, enjoy nature, love the ocean and hate any type of senseless waste..i learned that lot's of the clothing that does not get bought at thrift stores and rag houses are converted into wipe rags, recycled for yarns, books textiles and will eventually be dumped into land it would be a shame to let perfectly good clothes (beautifully made one of a kind clothes) go to waist!

i'm happy to be part of an industry that recycles vintage clothes and i love that i can take a garment that otherwise would be frumpy or overlooked and make it wearable for today's market and / or bring it back to life to tell another story in someone else's closet!


so although i'm not celebrating today's Earth Day in some significant way if my day to day actions help the environment then good, i'm glad....



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