Wednesday, January 20, 2010


yikes! this week has been one stressful week!! my computer has been giving me problems since Sunday and now it is completely gone awry..i have it now at the computer doctor so all eBay / Etsy updates are on hold + blogs...bummer because i was looking forward to getting back to a working rhythm and getting back to a regular blogging i will keep you posted when all is back on track and the store update will take place..

i'm doing some blogging at work....i have allot of new blog post in the pipeline that i can't wait to share..but for now just a little randomness, since these has been such a scattered week for me..the following are pictures of people with the exception of Miss Westwood (one of my fave designers) i grew up listening to and who's style one way or another has influenced me ....just to name a few:


hope your having a lovely mid-week!


source: google images

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