Sunday, October 4, 2009


WOW almost a week since my last update, i truly am trying to keep a sense of consistency and well i wish the weekend was a little longer..i have so many needed updates and projects to do and it's hard to get it all done during the week with the limited time i have after work; but i soon will be conquering on keeping a set schedule for's a little glimpse of my weekly need TO's DO's:

1. every other day Blog post
2. Friday Market Publique auctions (coming this week)
3. Saturday Etsy updates (working on at minimum 20 items)
4. during the week it's editing photo-shoot photos, revamping vintage garments and marketing and networking with my lovely clients and to be clients, branding the company.
5. and in between 1-4 i'm working on my own design of garments.
6. between 1-6 i am juggling motherhood to my Zoe.

ok breath...that's what my day to day mostly looks like..but i love what i do and i work hard do it well!

this weekend was truly a fun one..i went garage and estate L.A. there is never a shortage of great retro items's just being the first one to get there... their was one home which i scored big time at..a great lady who took all from her garage and attic which she had stored there for several years..some as old from the 60's...items which she bought (she was 70) or things that were given to her when she was working as a volunteer in the 70's..i also love hearing the stories behind the items..

found this super cute 1960's owl yarn kit which i will be doing soon with my daughter for $4:
60's Owl Kit

1890's frame which she got from her in-laws home for $1:
1890's frame

these great 1970's Jessica Gunnies blouse which is the same Gunne Sax brand for $0.25 each:
Jessica's Gunnies

1960's mod cups, i love the colors and metal handles, got them for $1 each:
60's Cups

1950's or 60's round table for $10:
50's Round Table

1960's lamp for $5, 70's flowered bunny for $3:
70's Knick Knacks

1970's B-52 record for $0.25:
70's B-52's record

1970's knit zig zag blanket for $3:
70's Knit Blanket

you can see all was a steal..i'm off to work i'm already late!

have a great one~bella

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