Thursday, October 22, 2009


hi guys..i have just a quick blog today..i have allot of work to catch up on in which i slacked this week on..

one of my favorite subjects in high school was opened the door for my love of poetry, short stories and quotes..i have written poetry (most of my freinds don't know that) and i have collected quotes since the age of 14..i have my beloved notebook full of them along with my poems which i love to read for inspiration, motivation and reflection..

most quotes are but a couple of sentences long or even a couple of words long but they can speak volumes...the ultimate quotes or sayings for me which i hold dear to my heart are proverbs from the Old Testament..nothing speaks clearer and makes me reflect like it does.. here are a few quotes in which i enjoyed reading this week..

i have MANY more to share in future post..i hope you like them like i do..




good night ~ bella

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