Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hi guys! working on getting back to business as usual. the curve balls of life keep coming at us but we are fighting and getting threw them with many dear friends helping us through it all. although Zoe and i have an upcoming trip to Miami in two weeks to visit family, i will be working  hard to get back on schedule here on the blog and in the shop.

There are allot of exciting new things happening in growing our little business. when i say "our" i'm always talking about Zoe and I. my beautiful girl is as much part of my focus on being an entrepreneur, because as a single mom she has been by my side in making my goals a reality. it's as much hers as it is mine. 

So with that i am happy to introduce the name of our new vintage shop and soon to be coming small clothing label, gisela&zoe! there are two reasons for the change in name of bella vintage.  one, is because i wanted the brand to be under the same umbrella for business/tax, and branding purposes. and two,  because their is nothing out there close to our name. it was easy to get our url and everything else that needs to be set up. unfortunately there are tons of things close to bella vintage and i wanted nothing to be confusing or to be similar to our name. in many ways it's been a long journey because i've changed my vintage shop name twice; this one being the 3rd but last for sure! it's been a learning experience in the last few years and i'm also learning from many past mistakes.

the name gisela&zoe also has so much personal meaning within it too and is why i also chose it as our clothing label name. my name is not such a common name and well i chased my career goals always conscious in never compromising in the  raising of my daughter. it took a while getting to this point, because i never wanted to put my career ahead of her. thus came the creation of our label gisela&zoe and my dream of finally making clothes i love!

bella vintage will continue to operate as i transition into opening the new vintage  shop and also try to sell most of the vintage out of the shop. but we will be transitioning not only the store but the blog too. i can't wait till we get to the final point of this particular goal!

You can click and favorite our new shop meanwhile it opens next week. i will have sooo many cute dresses stocked up for this beautiful spring! i also have acquired to new wholesale warehouse sources chuck full of yummy vintage and can't wait to see what treasures i dig up to bring to you. it's all very exciting for Zoe and I!

Thanks guys for all YOUR support! and i can't wait to start this new journey with you all!

xoxo, gisela


  1. Congratulations chicas!!!! I am sure you will be so blessed with this new venture!

  2. Excitiiiiing! Can't wait to see how awesome this gets! Blessings coming for sure!


  3. yay! i can't wait to wear me some gisela&zoe dresses!



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