Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm so tired of California weather. i'm done with the cold, i'm done with the rain, i'm done with it being over cast. these are the moments my Miami blood kicks in and my skin thirst sunshine!

So in these internal days of no sunshine, my dressing in cute girly dresses motivation is way down and i become a creature of comfort; throwing on my jeans and hoodie or sweater top. 

In this case my newly bought vintage raglan mickey sweater has been on my back the whole weekend. i love how it's already very much broken into and it is so soft and comfortable to wear. i was going to add it to this weeks vintage pile to hit the store; but i decided it was a keeper since i had the same exact  one when i was a little girl. here's hoping for more sunshine...pretty please.

SWEATER: vintage 1980's mickey raglan 
JEANS: Gap bell bottoms. bought at thrift.
T-SHIRT: heather Alternative Apparel tee.

What's your favorite comfortable wear?


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