Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Years eve all! i'm sure like many of you the end of the year is a reflection on how the year went. this year was a roller coaster ride for Zoe and I, with many new changes and many new blessings. i am very excited for the new goals and a new year to look forward to. and most of all i'm thankful to Jesus for all that i have!

so with that said one of our many blessings is our new family member in our home Cody!

He was our only Christmas present this year and we adopted him a few weeks before Christmas. he is a Jack Russel Terrier mix with Chihuahua. he has stolen both our hearts and has been Zoe's long awaited wish since she was 5!

With our new home, the fact that Zoe is older, countless prayers, and my flexible new schedule we were in a better position in adopting him. the best part about it was that our land lord does not allow dogs; but Zoe wrote him the most "melt your heart" letter on the top 3 reasons why he should consider letting her be able to have a dog. a few hours later a letter from him arrived, and what do you know; he said she convinced him and wished her a very merry Christmas!

So our prayers came true and Zoe (and I) got our dog! he has brought countless joy to our home. we love him so!

Wishing you all many blessings and a VERY Happy New Year!

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