Wednesday, October 20, 2010


happy mid-week! this past weekend Zoe and I got mother/daughter hair cuts. it was sweet relieve in my end because my hair was so long, very thick and allot of hair (not complaining), but the heaviness of it was wearing me out. i really wanted to go real short but was to scared to do so because i could not visit my usual hairstylist due to a very tight budget. Zoe for a very long time has been wanting something new and fun with her's since she is now entering the teenage territory where fashion is allot more on the radar.

we went to the Aveda Institute in Santa Monica, the student center and you can get a very decent haircut for $19 buckaroos with great smelling Aveda products used in your hair. i use to go to the one in Atlanta when we lived there and i was always happy with the cuts i got. and as a single mom on a budget these places come in very handy. i hope to soon be able to visit my usual stylist for my real short cut but meanwhile this cut has been very liberating for me and Zoe. she came out of there one happy camper..i took this picture right after she got it:


she looks sooooo cute! i love the cut she can do so much with it. she's getting real gutsy with trying new hairstyles and she picked this one out herself. she can make it look real bohemian or real 80's rocker. it's been fun styling it!

i'll soon be showing mine off in my next outfit post!

night night


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  1. Zoe looks soooooo cute! Loving the NEW hair. She looks totally metal \m/


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