Sunday, June 27, 2010



Happy Sunday all! i have a full day ahead of me, scarfing down my food while i blog, drink my coffee and make a playlist for todays photo-shoot..i had a late start, i went to sleep at 6 a.m. working on re-vamping vintage dress's...i got carried away watching movies while working, time just flew...i was bummed because i missed Reality LA my home church and picking up my dress at the Melrose Flea market..BUT i am excited to be shooting with Steph today, i have an array of cute dress's picked out and cant wait to get them in the shop this week!

i also wanted to mention i am sponsoring a give away at MouseVox Vintage...a choice between two great pieces perfect for summer..check out their blog for details HERE..the items also come in two different range of sizes so you have a choice that may be perfect for you!

hope your all having a lovely Sunday, i'm rushing back to work!

ta ta~


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