Monday, February 22, 2010


hello..happy start of the week! i am pep talking myself right now as i type this to have a good week..the last couple of them have been rough, but i am determined to get out of my blah place and focus on all God has blessed me with..

any-hoo my adorable friend Meghan is leaving this Friday to an exciting 3 month trip to China..such a great opportunity for her and well it won't be the same not seeing her running around like crazy trying to meet a sample deadline!

so it was nice to get together on Saturday for a farewell dance night..the gals looked oh so cute..

me, meghan, jennifer & steph

im wearing a gorgeous vintage 70's sequins the fact that it's yellow it really stands out..i'm debating whether it will hit the store soon or stay in my closet forever...

me, diana, meghan, jennifer & steph

i like how we all look so different, that stood out to me in the pictures..i really love working with these girls!

me, meghan, jennifer & steph

aww we will miss you Meghan it won't be the same with out you!
meghan, jennifer & steph

another dear co-worker of mine is also leaving her last day is this Thursday, she's moving to San will be a sad week at work to see friends better things though!


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  1. OMG!!!! Is that the Bella and HB model!!!!!!!!!!! You girls look awesome and classy!!!!!! \m/


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