Sunday, September 27, 2009


happy saturday or for some of you sunday! this post is dedicated to my beautiful daughter Zoe...she is obsessed with squirrels and has been for 5 years now..she had to pick an animal in 3rd grade to study and she chose squirrels ever since then she's been in love with them and wants everything thing squirrel..she has a great squirrel print and a necklace i bought for her on Etsy..

i'm working on a new logo for Bella Vintage and made the above logo to have temporarily up until i finish my new one..i thought of Zoe and how she has been a source of influence in the temporary design and on the new logo design too.. i decided to do a post solely on all squirrel items she likes from my shop home and favorite online shop Etsy..

by total coincidence when i went on Etsy tonight i saw the home page display with acorn items for sale and that was my sign to do this blog for her...i found so many cutesy items and want to buy her all of them...but really i think this is for me too!

cute acorn & squirrel necklaces:
leaf & acorn

acorn earrings:
acorn earings

squirrel ring:

squirrel prints:
another print

squirrel pouches:
squirrel pouch
another pouch

squirrel salt & pepper shakers:

salt pepper shakers
salt & pepper shakers

vinyl stickers:
another vynal
vinyl tree stickers

squirrel piggy bank:
pinky bank


cute fabric
more fabric
another cute fabric
mushrooms & squirrels

squirrel tee's:
squirrel tee

photograph print:

charm bracelet:
charm bracelet

scrabble pendant:
scrabble pendant

squirrel forest:
forest animals

so many to choose from i could be on Etsy all day long...the fabric is my favorite as you can tell..i can think of so many things to make out of them...her birthday is coming soon...i have a feeling she'll be getting some of these items...shhhhh don't tell..



  1. Wonderful post and so many recommendations on the cute items and I love acorns !! heeee

    My favorite would have to be the necklaces,its really so bbeautiful :)

    If I had a day off from work,I'll be stick on etsy browsing pages after pages

  2. wow! Nice post ^_^
    Lots of cuties here! Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for posting our Squirrel tee! I LOVE squirrels so this list just totally made my day :)

    Catherine/Critter Jitters


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